AUDIO: Freshwater Rescue Plan - what's up with NZ's water?

Interview with Freshwater Rescue Plan supporters, Annabeth Cohen from Forest & Bird, Don Rood from Fish & Game, Keriata Stuart from Public Health Association and Jane Ruka from Waitaha Grandmothers Executive Council

They explain the seven steps of the plan & their vision for the future of New Zealand's fresh water.

Pressure on as Freshwater Rescue Plan gains support

The campaign for better water quality is continuing to gather support, with organisations representing half a million members and supporters now backing the recently launched Freshwater Rescue Plan.

Support has been boosted with eight new organisations giving their backing to the Plan.

The new supporters are ActionStation, Environment and Conservation Organisations of Aotearoa New Zealand (ECO), New Zealand Federation of Freshwater Anglers, New Zealand Recreation Association, Pure Advantage, Waitaha Executive Grandmothers Council, Whitewater New Zealand, and WWF-NZ.

Their support means the Plan’s backers now include 16 well-known organisations with collective support from at least half a million people. Supporters include leaders in the science, public health, tourism, recreation, community, and environmental sectors.

ActionStation members deliver Freshwater Rescue Plan message in cupcakes

Environment Minister Nick Smith received a bitter sweet form of protest when he was handed a tray full of poo-shaped cupcakes.

The baked treats were presented by local woman Mary Sullivan, a member of the ActionStation organisation as "a fun way of delivering a serious message about the state of our fresh water".

Sullivan had made an appointment to see Smith at Nelson's Saturday Markets to present the poo cakes and discuss a fresh water rescue plan

ECO supports Freshwater Rescue Plan

Environment and Conservation Organisations (ECO) fully supports the Seven point Plan proposed by a coalition of environmental, public health and tourism organisations.

‘The Freshwater Rescue Plan is the most comprehensive proposal to solve the water crisis and associated land use issues that has been brought to the table to address the crisis of freshwater quality’ says ECO Vice Chair Dr. Betsan Martin.

AUDIO: Choose Clean Water's Marnie Prickett talks about the Plan on Waatea News

"The freshwater rescue plan includes strict and enforceable water quality standards, reducing cow numbers, ending public funding of irrigation schemes, and forcing polluters to pay for their environmental damage."

AUDIO: New coalition forms to tackle freshwater quality

"The organisations include Forest and Bird, Fish and Game, Choose Clean Water, Greenpeace, Tourism Export Council and the Federated Mountain Clubs.

Their Freshwater Rescue Plan lays out seven steps for future governments to follow if they want to be serious about saving the country's lakes and rivers.

The steps include reducing cow numbers immediately, withdrawing funding for irrigation and re-directing the hundreds of millions earmarked for these schemes into an agricultural transition fund."

'Unprecedented' freshwater rescue plan unveiled by advocacy groups

"Political parties have been urged to adopt a "freshwater rescue plan" advocacy groups say can solve the country's freshwater quality issues.

The seven-step plan – jointly announced on Thursday by leaders from tourism, science, health, recreation and environment organisations – is an "unprecedented" attempt to reverse freshwater degradation.

It would involve stopping public funding of irrigation schemes, a reduction in cow numbers, stricter enforcement of environmental breaches, and forcing polluters to pay for their environmental damage."